Chi Codes is the best place to hire software developers. Strengthen your team and meet Chi Codes recent graduates and alumni! Interview our Fullstack Developers who are job ready at one of our upcoming Career Fairs during showcase week!

Diverse Local Tech Talent

We’re here to help meet the growing demand for computer programmers and software developers in Chicago, while helping tech employers with the challenge of recruiting a diverse workforce. We identify untapped tech talent in Chicago and offer enrollment in a rigorous, tuition-free coding academy at  the Chatham Education and Workforce Center.

Our training partner, Coding Temple brings tenured instructors that teach a Full Stack Python + Data Analysis/Data Engineering.  This immersive approach to Software Development prepares students to be job ready in just 11 weeks.

Chicago Codes is supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, the City of Chicago, Facebook, Microsoft and is operated by the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership.

What to Expect from Graduates

With the experience that our students gain from writing original apps and programs, they learn to deconstruct and debug code.  Graduates can write thousands of lines of code individually and in groups – working productively across relevant teams. You won’t find more passionate programmers anywhere in the world.

At the end of every course, we hold a Career Fair so the students can showcase their accomplishments.   Are you a recruiting agency or company that is constantly seeking software engineers? Consider partnering with us  to stay up to date on career fairs and have consistent access to remarkable talent.










MVC Framework

SQL Queries

Web Security

App Deployment


Python Developers

Software Engineers

Web Developer

Product Manager

UI/UX Developers


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Coding Masteries

Trained extensively in fullstack web development, our graduates are prepared for entry level roles as front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack software developers, and data analytics professionals. 

Impressive Portfolios

Graduates make impressive apps and have varied portfolios of open-source contributions. Attend our next Career Fair to see for yourself!

Student Focus

We are dedicated to making sure our students are ready for junior level positions at the bare minimum. They will demonstrate being able to make exemplary contributions on any project.